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Da Gama Maritime (DGM) support the Captain and crew of superyachts in a number of areas to assist in maintaining their safety upon the high seas through professional on board crew training and an unsurpassed level of navigation management.

Focusing in three core areas: supply, training and consultancy, the professional maritime background of our instructors and account managers working in close liaison with a number of leading maritime industry bodies, places DGM at the forefront of enhancing the safety of those who work at sea.

DGM recognises that time on board to conduct training or send crew away for refreshers is often limited or difficult to massage into the programme, particularly with new builds or as the vessel works up to a new season. With this in mind, their training is designed to bring the solution to the yacht.

Brief overview for each training course:

On-board-training-dgmOn board Crew Fire Fighting Refresher Training
Ideally suited for both new build and operational vessels, this course is designed to train and achieve a safe and competent standard within the crew for the ability to deal with fires, floods and other emergencies to an extent necessary to provide protection or safe evacuation of the guests and crew at all times.

Navigation Audit and Procedures Review
 Ideally suited to both new build vessels and those in operation, this course is designed to enhance the skills and abilities of the Officer Of the Watch and bridge lookouts through theory discussions and practical exercises as well as review the Bridge Standing Orders and passage planning procedures and execution.
On-board-training2-dgmOutfit Maintenance Training
Established to provide an introduction or refresher to the effective, efficient and correct way to maintain the chart outfit on board your vessel, this course is tailored to the individual assigned responsibility for the outfit maintenance and helps prevent falling foul of the port state inspector.

What clients say about DGM

"The crew feels additional confidence to handle any situation presented before them with the additional knowledge and experience that Da Gama Maritime has brought onboard. The wealth of information that Steve and his team offer is incredibly advantageous to every individual crew member, not for only onboard but for any time, as it makes the crew situationally aware about their surroundings no matter where they are." Nick Doyle, Captain, MY Solemar

"From my point of view as the safety officer, the changes which you suggested we make to our station bill along with the new procedures which have been put in place already have made a huge difference both to our response time and effectiveness. To hear the crew saying they feel much more confident as a whole with respect to emergencies aboard is very satisfying." Chief Officer Joe Arch, MY Flying Fox

"I've recommended Da Gama to several people and organisations over the years; however, without being totally confident in the company's abilities I wouldn't have felt happy to do this, knowing the responsibility they take on when training crew. It is due to this confidence in their abilities that I'm happy to yet again recommend Steve and Da Gama to anyone requiring first class professional maritime safety training." Captain Chris Andreason, MY Kibo

For further information, please visit Da Gama Maritime
T. +44 (0)871 705 5000 E.info@da-gama-maritime.com

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