Warsash app

What is the Warsash app?

It's a new learning app dedicated to supporting training for Warsash Superyacht Academy students and superyacht crew and is available on both iPads and Android devices.

How can I access it?

Anyone with access to an iPad or Android device can download the app free from the App Store or on Google Play. Simply search for ‘Warsash’. Note: the Android version is branded as Warsash Maritime Academy, however Warsash Superyacht Academy students will still be able to access their course notes.

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What information does it provide?

  • Course notes that can be downloaded and used offline (Warsash students only, see below)
  • Automatic notification when updated course notes are available
  • Detailed FAQs for deck, engineering and interior crew training
  • Career progression charts for superyacht interior crews, deck and engineering officers
  • Links to specific courses on the Warsash Superyacht Academy website via the progression charts
  • Link to live news feed from the Warsash Superyacht Academy website
  • Quick and easy ‘contact us’ section for all enquiries
  • Campus maps.

Who is it for?

Primarily for Warsash Superyacht Academy students enrolled on yacht deck and engineering courses, but it is available to anyone involved with or interested in superyacht crew careers or training.

What is the main benefit?

Students undergoing yacht officer of the watch, master or chief engineer courses at Warsash Superyacht Academy are able to download the course materials remotely, removing the need to carry course materials whilst travelling and working globally. More importantly, our course lecturers are able to continuously upload the latest information, providing current and past students with the most up-to-date learning materials.

How do I get access to the course notes?

Students must enrol on a yacht course at Warsash Superyacht Academy. Upon booking, students will be provided with a username and password to access the course notes.

Do I have to be a student to download the app?

No, anyone can download the app and use the other functions.

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