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This MCA Y4 certificate of competency allows the candidate to work as a Chief Engineer on a superyacht of up to 200 GT and less than 1,500kW, or as a second/third engineer on a larger superyacht.

Approved yacht engineering qualifications were introduced in 2001 to provide an industry-standard system of certification.

From entry level to advanced, the route to certification is accessible and available to anyone seeking to pursue an engineering career, regardless of their previous training.

Those with previous engineering experience may be exempt from certain courses and may require less sea service to progress.

Standards remain high and the qualifying process is challenging, but demand for competent and knowledgeable superyacht engineers is high and the career rewards are considerable.

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The engineering department is responsible for the yacht’s safety, performance and efficiency. It is their job to maintain the mechanical and electrical operations of the yacht, ensure robust maintenance schedules are implemented and troubleshoot problems efficiently.


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