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In August 2014, the MCA introduced the requirement for ship's cooks and others processing food in the galley to hold a recognised Level 2 Food Safety certificate. An online qualification will not be valid - the requirement is attendance at a one-day course with an exam.

The course is also a recommendation for food handlers, including interior crew, and covers all aspects of food safety to control hazards leading to food poisoning, food-borne illness and contamination.

Read more information from the PYA and how to obtain Ship's Cook Certificate  

Food Safety Level 2

For ship's cooks, all food handlers, and interior crew. One day course including exam.
This is now mandatory.

This also forms part of the introductory-level PYA GUEST I interior crew training - see progression chart for details. This course is included in Service Specialist course run by our training partner Luxury Hospitality Academy.  

Supervising Food Safety Level 3

For those in a supervisory role. Three-day course including exam.

This also forms part of the advanced-level PYA GUEST II interior crew training - see progression chart for details.

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