What is Warsash Superyacht Academy?

Warsash Superyacht Academy is a collaboration between Warsash Maritime Academy, the internationally recognised centre of maritime excellence, and its parent organisation, Southampton Solent University.

Warsash Superyacht Academy is a leading provider of maritime education and training and part of an innovation hub, which includes other faculties and services within Southampton Solent University and other reputable training and business services partners including Interior Yacht Services Ltd (IYS).

Why choose Warsash Superyacht Academy for your interior training?

IYS is known for its innovative and professional approach. Its courses are taught by specialists in their field who have a close affinity with the superyacht industry. IYS is the first and currently the only training provider qualified to train the full range of the Professional Yacht Association's (PYA) GUEST accredited courses onboard yachts.

Warsash Superyacht Academy is the only centre in the world where you can train from entry level all the way through to superyacht management level and beyond across your chosen discipline.

What is the new PYA GUEST accreditation?

GUEST stands for Guidelines for Unified Excellence Service Training. The guidelines cover the training provision for new and existing crew working in the hospitality departments of superyachts. 

Read in more depth about all of the PYA Interior crew training and certification modules

Will my previous industry experience count?

Yes, depending on the training academy and their accreditation within the industry. You have until January 2014 to cross-credit your previous experience under the new PYA GUEST system. To find out more, see page nine of PYA Interior crew training and certification .

How do I find out where I fit in?

It's straightforward. Just refer to the WSA progression charts and the PYA's transitional arrangements on the document on the PYA website which clearly explain and define the career paths for interior crew.

WSA progression chart for commercial yachts interior and hospitality

What interior training do Warsash Superyacht Academy and IYS offer?

We offer all of the interior courses supplied under the PYA GUEST programme, along with other service specialisms required by superyacht owners and their guests. These include butler and silver service, housekeeping and valet services, bartending, barista, tea and wine knowledge. Led by our team of specialist, experienced tutors in each given area, our courses are setting new standards in elite interior crew training.

Interior and hospitality courses

What makes Warsash Superyacht Academy courses stand out from the other training providers?

IYS, Warsash and the PYA are raising standards for interior crew training, providing the necessary tools and recognised certification for career progression within the industry. No other academy offers the range, quality and choice available through Warsash Superyacht Academy for interior, deck and engineering crew. Our delivery offers superyacht owners and management companies the guarantees they require to recruit the most able and talented people to operate their superyachts and businesses to the highest possible standards.

Who will be teaching me?

The Warsash Superyacht Academy and IYS teaching faculty has attracted some of the most experienced seafarers and interior hospitality experts available. Find out more about our tutors.

What does the wine training programme include?

Our world class sommeliers teach the fundamentals of wine and grape varieties; the art of wine service; the importance of good communication skills, including the interpretation and correct pronunciation of names; wine and food pairing; wine storage and maintenance. To find out more visit the interior and hospitality courses section.

What is bartending and mixology?

Our trainers are true specialists in their field and are ranked amongst the top five in the world at various international competitions. You will learn the art of mixology, covering the basics, classic cocktails, new creations and service excellence, leading to a whole new appreciation of great cocktails and spirits.  

What is a barista?

A barista is trained in the art of perfect tea and coffee making, different techniques, coffee bean grinding and how to operate state-of-the-art coffee making machines. Find out more about the barista courses offered by WSA.

Further questions

For further questions please contact info@iys-nl.com.

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