How to write a CV

cvA well written and presented CV or resume is an essential part of the job seeking process.  Your CV needs to offer a concise summary of your qualifications, competencies, experience and skillset. Try to limit your CV to two A4 pages and have it available in both print and electronic formats.

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Preparing your CV

  • Target your CV towards the job you are applying for
  • Always check your spelling and grammar
  • Use a straightforward font and keep the formatting simple

What to include

  • Your CV must include a good quality, professional looking photograph
  • Include any spoken languages
  • Give evidence of your customer service experience work
  • Include mention of practical skills such as mechanical, electronic, woodwork and painting
  • Include any previous boating or outdoor activity experience such as dinghy sailing, windsurfing
  • Chefs should include sample menus with images of their prepared food
  • Mention your IT and office skills, such as bookkeeping

Top tips

  • Provide letters of reference which endorse your character and capabilities
  • Keep several copies of your licenses and certificates
  • Keep your job application documents in waterproof folders

Accessibility tools

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