Finding a job - where to look

binocularsMost yacht crew agencies have websites, so check them out to see what kind of jobs and salaries are being offered.

Recruitment agencies

You can register with many agencies in advance online but you should still visit agencies in person when you can. Remember to make an appointment in advance. After you have made contact, check in with them regularly and keep them up to date with your progress. If you do find a job then inform the agencies so they can take you out of their active files.

We recommend you contact or specialist recruitment partners, Burgess, Elite International and Viking Recruitment, for their advise and job opportunities. 


Get yourself known and get some experience by taking day work or part time work around the docks. Dock walking and handing out your CV at boat shows and large maritime events will help.

Day work

Day working is a good way to make some money in between jobs and get yourself known. The work usually involves cleaning, painting, sanding or varnishing. Day work means you will hear about permanent jobs when they become available.

Useful resources

Connect with experienced crew members who are usually happy to give helpful advice. There are a number of community forums you can join.

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