Analysis of Company Accounts

About this course

Participants develop an understanding of finance through analysing a company’s published financial statements and annual report.

Areas of study are tailored to specific needs of organisations for in-house training and development, but generally include basics of financial statements found in an annual report, stock market performance and use of accounting ratios to analyse profitability, liquidity and working capital and capital structure.


Small business owners and managers, as well as those working for larger organisations benefit from being skilled-up in this vital area. Organisations are enriched and individual career opportunities enhanced.


The study block can be divided into a number of sessions to reflect participants’ individual needs and location.

Designed for those who wish to develop specific skills in analysing accounts, participants learn techniques required to analyse published accounts of public limited companies.

The sessions use company case studies to demonstrate analytical techniques. Published reports, data from other public limited companies and other resource materials, as well as the University’s online learning resource, Solent Online Learning, support learning.

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