Marketing Fundamentals

About this course

Participants enhance their knowledge and skills in marketing through this basic introduction to principles in various contexts, including exchange relationships, products and services, customers and decision making, segmentation, marketing mix and socio-cultural forces.

Its tailored, flexible approach provides theoretical and practical learning opportunities for individual organisations or employers as part of in-house development.

It provides structured activities to help participants identify approaches and roles of marketing within an organisation or business environment.


This equips participants with robust theory and practice in marketing, enhancing skills in a vital area for current employers and opening up career opportunities. 


The student-centred approach delivers a block of interactive workshops mixed with independent study. It draws on participants’ real-life experiences and case studies. Handouts, references and other learning materials are provided in sessions, which incorporate group work and personal study.

Face-to-face, telephone and online tutorials and the University’s online learning resource, Solent Online Learning, provide formative feedback and support.

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