Safety management

The human element is increasingly recognised as fundamental to safe and efficient ship management. It incorporates social skills such as leadership and team-working, communication and operating effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Our suite of safety management courses aims to hone these skills progressively, recognising that such expertise is universally applicable both at sea and on shore, and is part of the life-long learning of any seafarer.

The courses address STCW requirements, particularly as the 2010 Manila amendments underline resource management principles intrinsic to professional competence, and essential in delivering commercial success and minimising risk for employers and owners.

Human Element, Leadership and Management - Operational Level

Human Element, Leadership and Management - Management Level

Shipboard Safety Officer

Designated Person Ashore

ISM Code Familiarisation

Maritime Internal Auditor

Maritime Auditor / Lead Auditor (Top-Up Route)

Maritime Auditor / Lead Auditor

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