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Manned ModelsTimsbury Lake is the location for the world’s finest ship handling centre and offers the international maritime industry an invaluable new state-of-the-art training facility, using accurately scaled model ships to simulate the handling characteristics of actual vessels.

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As the only centre of its kind in the UK, and with only four others in the world, it provides invaluable specialised training and assessment for Captains and senior officers in ship handling, enabling mariners to practice and progress their ship handling skills through trial manoeuvres in a safe environment.

Officers and captains fly in from all over the world to attend courses during their careers. Brendan O'Shannassy, at the time Captain of Vava II and in preparation of Vava II's maiden voyage said;

"I sought some training using the manned model facility operated by Warsash Maritime Academy in Timsbury Lake. It has a 10m model of a twin-screw independent rudder and bow thruster vessel that I felt represented a large yacht exceptionally well. They went as far as mocking up a to-scale dock of the basin in Devonport on which to practise." (Source: Interview in The Superyacht Report, May 2012).

With the Academy's full mission bridge simulator available for blended courses, a fleet of nine different ship models, a jack up oil rig and four tugs allows an extensive range of ship handling scenarios to be carried out using a variety of models, berths, canals, channels and basins.

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