North publishes free guide to collision regulations

If you are involved in watch keeping or preparing yourself for an oral examination you are going to love this:

The North P&I Club has recently published a new collision regulations guide for watch keepers. Designed specifically for use on ship’s bridges, it focuses on what the Club considers to be the most important ‘rules of the road’ in the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGS).

The guide focuses on the 12 regulations North considers are most often misinterpreted. These are: responsibility, look-outs, safe speed, risk of collision, action to avoid collisions, traffic separation schemes, overtaking, head-on situations, crossing situations, action by give-way vessels, action by stand-on vessels and conduct of vessels in restricted visibility.

Each of these rules is stated in its original wording followed by an extensive discussion of the interpretation of this rules and how it is being put into context of a particular situation. The guide finishes with a series of case studies based on real collisions that have occurred in recent years.

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