A sad day for yachting

Captain WJH Percival MNI MRIN
6 April 1945 - 9 March 2014

A sad day for yacht crew training - today marks the commemorative service for John Percival.

john-percivalIn 1996 John founded JPMA/Hoylake Sailing School Ltd together with his daughter Anna. The company began teaching recreational sailors and boaters, but quickly moved into delivering commercial training to the small craft industry. Since then many people now active in the yachting industry have been through his door.

John’s commitment to the yachting industry went much further. He sat on countless committees, giving up his own time and thereby always defending the industry and those working in it. Most importantly, John was a fountain of knowledge and would always find the time to give advice. This made him a much respected person amongst crew and captains.

He also had a keen interest in workboats and had only recently taken over the role as chief examiner for a new workboat operations training module.

John very sadly passed away on 9 March and will be sorely missed by everyone. Our thoughts are with John’s wife, Maureen, and daughters, Anna & Lyssa.

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