Important news for those progressing towards OOW (Yachts, Less Than 3,000GT)

MCA-logo-2013-newMIN 521 amends the requirements for the Training Record Book

The UK MCA has today issued MIN 521 which amends MSN 1858 (UK requirements for Yacht Deck Officers). The new MIN is called "Amendments to MSN 1858 OOW Yacht Requirements to gain an exemption from completing the Training Record Book” and specifies that to qualify for exemption, 36 months' actual sea service on vessels over 24m load line length is required.

The definition for actual sea service remains the same as in MSN 1858: time spent at sea, which may include time at anchor and canal transits associated with a passage.

The MCA Yacht Training Record Book is required for candidates progressing towards OOW (Yachts Less Than 3,000GT). These candidates are well advised to also bear in mind that from 1 January 2017 they must have held the EDH certificate for at least 18 months before their OOW Certificate of Competency can be issued.

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