UK Government to double SMarT funding for cadet training

On 2 February 2018, The Department for Transport announced its intention to double SMarT funding to £30 million a year. This increase in funding will see the annual cadet intake rise from 750 to 1,200. A number of global shipping companies have pledged to create an extra 450 training positions on board their vessels.

The news is a welcome boost for the future of UK seafarer training, giving even more young people the opportunity to pursue a career at sea.  

Speaking of the announcement, Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani said, "By doubling the funding for cadet training, we will help make sure that our engineers and captains of the future can access the right opportunities to reach their full potential.

"It will also strengthen the UK maritime sector's position as a world leader and ensure people have the skills they need to help the industry flourish after we leave the EU."

The news was also welcomed by the UK Chamber of Shipping. Chief Executive Guy Platten said, "Nothing will prove that the UK is open for business quite like seeing more British seafarers arrive in the world's ports. We already recruit people from all backgrounds and all corners of the country, and with this new investment we will be able to create thousands of new opportunities in the years ahead."

Read the full announcement here

To coincide with the announcement, the Department for Transport visited our St Mary's campus and spoke to cadets Emma and Christina about their experiences during their training.


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