Interior hospitality training

 LH Academy (formerly IYS) logoThe LH Academy (formerly Interior Yacht Services (IYS)) provides inspirational, motivational and mostly hands-on practical training to enable yachts and their interior crew to operate professionally, with great emphasis on customer service and overall teamwork.

The courses on board are designed to fit the program of the yacht. The LH Academy professional trainers travel in pairs and bring a wealth of experience ranging from running yachts from 50 metres to 165 metres, to being an estate manager to business Forbes high net worth individuals. This, combined with tending for many years to royalty as a private butler, gives us the ability to tailor our program to the needs of the owners, the yacht and its crew.

The Luxury Hospitality training program has been introduced successfully to other industries including: luxury hotels and resorts, cruise lines, private villas and estates, luxury lodges, private aviation and more.

This training program is the link between the many service industries that in essence are trying to do the same thing - provide the ultimate seven-star personalised service.

How to book

Please contact our training partner Luxury Hospitality Academy (formerly Interior Yacht Services) if you require more information about this course or to book your place:


Telephone: +31 (0)646 081 660

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