Onboard training

Seven good reasons for onboard training

1. Cohesive crew

Our onboard training solutions will build crew into a cohesive working team, trained together with the equipment they will actually use and in their working environment on board. Choose exactly what should be achieved and what time commitments there are, and our highly flexible and bespoke programmes will be designed to provide the right specialist training.

2. Whatever you need

From fire fighting to making cocktails, from engineering skills to medical care, from security training to bridge equipment training, from regulatory updates to tender driving skills – our training provides complete tailor-made solutions to ensure that your yacht runs at optimum performance.

3. Wherever you are

We and our reputable group of training partners will come to you, wherever you are in the world providing bespoke solutions for your onboard training needs. Training can be conducted in the new-build phase or during refit, alongside or at anchor or on passage (with limitations).

4. Improving standards

Harmonised training across all crew exceeding mandatory standards will create enhanced skills levels, resulting in increased service levels to owners and guests. It will also augment the safety of lives and help protect the value of your yacht.

5. Ensuring compliance

We can assist in ensuring that compliance is fully up-to-date and complies with all regulatory requirements, to afford peace of mind for the next inspection.

6. Expert advice and guidance

We also provide consultancy services to the industry, including everything from complete medical outfitting to navigation maintenance systems and housekeeping routines. This service can be very effectively incorporated into on-board training solutions.

7. Delivering results

We aim to take crew to the highest level of excellence in service and operations – across all ranks and departments. The ultimate goal is always to create high performing teams. This is also likely to assist in retaining a great team, resulting in financial benefits through lower cost of recruitment the long term.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:

Lars Lippuner 
Tel: +44(0) 23 8201 4222
Email: lars.lippuner@solent.ac.uk

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