Testing and diagnostics

Tensile testing equipment

The Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering at Solent University is host to a variety of equipment, which can be used to assist in the design and construction of yacht hulls, particularly in carrying out materials testing.

There are three pieces of tensile testing machinery within the faculty, which can measure the strength of various materials. These machines can be used for tensile, compressive and three or four point bending tests and has capacities of 30 and 150 Kilo Newtons.

This provides the industry with a powerful analytical facility used in the validation of superyacht structural design.

Rapid prototyping equipment

The Titan creates models using high performance engineering materials such as polycarbonate and ABS plastic.

Titan can create prototypes that have superior impact strength and also resist heat and corrosive agents such as oil, gasoline and even acids.

Multiple materials, coupled with one of the largest build chambers in its class, make Titan a smart solution for building, large, strong and durable parts.

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